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Do or Don’t: spending money on art

There is magic in art. It is unexplainable, but it makes you feel different, it moves you and excites you in a strange, but lovely way. Art is everything around you – it is movies and music, it is people, places, theatres. Art is the beauty in the ugly and unpredictable world we are forced to survive in. Art is the reality, art are all the fairy tales. purse-758770_640Art is the nature, but art is also everything else. Art is what you understand, what you know, but what remains unsaid, as well. Art influences you too often unconsciously. But the question is, if in this world full of doubts and uncertainty, in this practical and mercantile world, it is so worthy, to spend money on art.


You will give hundreds or thousands pounds on something that you will hang on your wall on leave on your coffee table. It will be pure beauty, but instead of saving for a new car, for a house, for your child’s education, for your bright and shiny future, you will spend them on decoration. Well the frames full of photos and the candles all over the house will make it look cosy, as well.


Yeah, you will spend some more money and you will get a unique, fancy and sophisticated painting. You will euro-1647400_640then place it on a wall in the living room and it will change the perspectives so much, that you could hardly remember what it was before, without it. It is worth it, a lot. A nice piece of art cannot be compared with photos, not because they have no value for you, but because a painting might make your home a lot more splendid and might bring it a spirit that could make it cosy and fancy in the same time.