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Price based on quality or quality by price?

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Years ago there was a joke – the maxim that Mercedes’s advertising could not be seen. Because they are branded and quality, you do not need someone to explain to you that they are good – it is clear. Driving Dacia is not like driving a Mercedes. The difference is in the quality but also in the price. But is price in any case a quality? When is a brand proven one? What does brand name mean? Is it the equivalent of quality? Everyone appreciates the good features of the products and often the brand is a guarantee for them.

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The brand as a “brand”

The brand is in principle a concept in law, but for ordinary people it means one: Label. Labeling is a symbol of belonging, and probably psychology has an explanation for the widespread addiction to this practice. Sometimes it’s just about proving or feeling like part of a secret society, but another time there’s a clear explanation. Think about Apple fans – some of the most expensive technology products. Not fans think that the consumers of this brand are

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Apple products

“sect”. But fans can get you all the evidence that these phones and computers are just the best on the market. Are there cheaper substitutes? Yes there is. It’s totally bad, but not so cheap. Are there also fake phones and computers that can not smell the traces of Apple’s heels and are at infallible prices? Oh, a lot. Where is the truth? The truth is in the middle and in the price. If you can afford it, you do it. If you can not, you buy shit, you’re announcing the giants in intentional and forced obsession with consumers, and then you wonder why everything is spoiled so quickly and easily.

Where is the quality

Not always in the brand. It was already about the brand stores in the malls. Yes, most have one but are they better than Turkish and Chinese equivalents? It is all the more so that most of us go to Turkey, China and other countries, which are definitely not Italy, Finland, and the United States. In other words, you can often buy a product with an Italian brand produced who knows where. In fact, he knows, he writes it on the label if you keep reading the brand. What is Quality? Average to unsatisfactory and sometimes bad. These are products for mass use.

If you are looking for quality, do not always look for it in the popular brand, especially in clothing, but not only.

Price, quality, brand

So far, it has become clear that quality does not depend on the brand. Cost depends on quality, however. What happens if you ignore the potential qualities at the expense of a price or brand? Well, you shake more because the appliance is spoiled, the garment is broken or ruined at first washing. Then you have to buy again and actually give more money, though not all at once. Such an illogical meaning can only exist in toys that are in almost all cases subjected to the Destruction Mission. Then maybe it’s better to give less money for more Chinese plastic than a lot of money that the children’s hands can still send to the garbage.

If you hesitate, whether to prefer cheap or quality, certainly with both hands we recommend the second, even if it is expensive. If you justify “I do not have money for quality”, better take same day cash loans.