Properties Overview: Halkidiki

The interest for properties in Greece is getting higher and higher and every year more and more people are renting and buying houses and apartments for an entire year. Greece seems to be the most preferred summer destination for a family seaside holiday and for touristic one. The prices of the properties went down last year, but not because of the lack of buyers, but because of the economic crisis. However, they won’t stay that low for a long time and you better know that NOW is the best time for buying a house? And why buying? When we are talking about Greecesea-418742_640 and, moreover, when we are talking about its pearl – the peninsula Halkidiki, a house there is like an eternal ticket to heaven. This is definitely a place you would like to go as a couple, as a family, with friends or whatever. It is always sunny and it is so charming and alluring. And luckily there are properties for any preference.


You would like to go there with many people. You have a huge family and need a lot of space or you simply like travelling and gathering with friends all the time. Either ways this is your choice. The houses here are almost always with two floors, several balconies and a small garden. They are the perfection itself and as soon as you see their blue roofs and white walls, you will fall in love.


You would love to go with your family and friends, but a house seems too big for your needs. Buy an apartment with a lovely view and you will be just as happy.


When you are going away, you are going with your closest ones only. So you need a room or two and a kitchen, nothing more. The studios are cheap and convenient, so they will be perfect for you.